Tips For Coping With Stressful Life Changes


It is entirely normal to have a slightly harder time in terms of your emotions if you have some significant life changes. Your schedule might be thrown off, which could result in you experiencing more stress and less sleep. This could cause your mental health to get weaker, which could leave you more vulnerable to mental illnesses, as well as physical illnesses, which could make you even less capable of coping with the difficult situation that you find yourself in.

7 May 2017

A Guide To Understanding The Causes And Symptoms Of PTSD In Your Teenager


If your son or daughter was the victim of or witness to a stressful or psychologically damaging event recently, it is possible for him or her to develop PTSD, just as a soldier returning from war might. Unfortunately, while soldiers returning from war are likely to be screened for symptoms before they are expected to return to their everyday life, teenagers do not always get the same benefit. Therefore, if you are concerned about how your teenager is coping with a traumatic event they experienced or saw, it is important to be aware of the following information about PTSD in adolescents and teens.

13 March 2017