Why Do People Choose EMDR Therapy For Trauma Treatment?


People who struggle with trauma often have trouble dealing with memories related to their traumatic experiences. These memories may provoke feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, or sadness. They can also cause physical reactions, such as startle responses, tachycardia, and nausea. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy can help people reduce the severity of their trauma responses. These are four reasons that people choose EMDR therapy to treat their mental health conditions:

1. It has clear start and end dates.

Some types of therapy are ongoing. People with simple depression or anxiety may continue to see their therapist week after week to process old and new thoughts and feelings. However, some people prefer short-term, goal-oriented therapy. According to the American Psychological Association, EMDR therapy is often conducted over six to 12 therapy sessions. Sessions can be scheduled weekly or biweekly according to the preferences and treatment goals of the therapist and patient. Some patients find that having concrete start and end dates for their treatment provides them with hope and an incentive to work hard in therapy.

2. It can reduce the severity of flashbacks.

Not everyone with PTSD suffers from flashbacks, but they can be extremely disruptive and upsetting for people who experience them. EMDR therapy can reduce the severity of flashbacks. Directed eye movement is used as a mechanism to disrupt the emotional recall of memories as they are examined. This form of reprocessing can remove many of the distressing features of traumatic memories so they no longer plague patients.

3. It is a structured form of therapy.

Some patients enjoy the opportunity to explore various emotions and ideas at length. Unfortunately, unstructured therapy may sometimes lead to feelings of frustration at a perceived lack of progress. Patients who prefer more structured forms of therapy may benefit from modalities like EMDR. Psychologists who offer EMDR therapy will guide patients through a list of prescribed steps, beginning with history-taking and moving on through desensitization and the process of gaining closure.

4. It can provide relief for people suffering from PTSD.

EMDR therapy can be an effective way to find relief from the various aspects of PTSD. People who are triggered by things in their every day lives may find that EMDR reduces the frequency and severity of their trigger episodes. Patients will be invited to check in with their therapist at the end of each session to discuss the effectiveness of the current session and make plans for the future. 

For more info about EMDR therapy, contact a local therapist. 


29 November 2022

Counseling is Important Even if You Are Taking Depression Medication

I suffered depression for much of my life, and I lived with it for years before seeking help. I visited a psychiatrist and received an antidepressant prescription along with a referral to a counselor. I filled my prescription, but I put off making an appointment with the counselor. The medication began to help, so I decided that I didn't need to see a counselor after all -- or so I thought at the time. After a couple of months of medication, a close friend of mine died of an illness. I then learned that even though the medication helped my depression, I still had not learned the coping skills I needed to deal with traumatic life experiences. That even motivated me to seek counseling, and it helped me immensely. I created this blog to remind others that medication can help when suffering with depression, but counseling is also extremely important.