Address An Issue That Has Been Affecting Your Marriage In A Negative Manner


Both parties in a marriage need to be empathetic of each other's needs and feelings in order for the union to be a success. Problems occur in every marriage, but this does not mean that a marriage is destined to fail or that one of the people involved is going to harbor all of the guilt associated with a rift. If you and your spouse previously decided to become business partners, but now things don't seem as promising as they once did, maybe it is time to delve further into what the issue is.

Both Parties Need To Be Committed

It is so easy to blame someone else for a problem or to clam up and avoid additional confrontation, due to thinking that another argument is going to occur. When people grow distant with each other or feel threatened by each other's words or actions, the marriage bond begins to weaken. Although walking away from a problem may seem to be a temporary solution, how is doing this going to strengthen communication or allow you and your spouse to recapture the moments of joy that you both used to experience?

If you and your partner cannot see eye to eye, yet you are both wanting to resolve your differences, marriage counseling sessions may be beneficial. When both parties are committed to doing what it takes to repair a relationship, there is a high probability that a marriage will survive.

A Counselor Will Help Uncover The Issue And Will Encourage Change

Going to meet with a marriage counselor may seem strange or even intrusive, but this is a great way to reveal your feelings without needing to worry about being ridiculed for doing so. A marriage counselor will need to hear your perspective, as well as your spouse's. If your business partnership was doing well in the beginning, describe what types of ideas and decisions the two of you had.

Maybe you can reveal how you operated the business and who was responsible for various responsibilities. Then, try to uncover what happened that resulted in marital problems. Maybe too much money was spent on supplies, or maybe the two of you were so overworked and didn't have much free time to spend with one another.

After identifying the problem and speaking openly about how each of you feel, the counselor may suggest some ways to resolve the problem. Creating a budget, allowing each other to provide input when making business decisions, and setting aside time to spend relaxing and enjoying each other's company can all be helpful.


8 November 2019

Counseling is Important Even if You Are Taking Depression Medication

I suffered depression for much of my life, and I lived with it for years before seeking help. I visited a psychiatrist and received an antidepressant prescription along with a referral to a counselor. I filled my prescription, but I put off making an appointment with the counselor. The medication began to help, so I decided that I didn't need to see a counselor after all -- or so I thought at the time. After a couple of months of medication, a close friend of mine died of an illness. I then learned that even though the medication helped my depression, I still had not learned the coping skills I needed to deal with traumatic life experiences. That even motivated me to seek counseling, and it helped me immensely. I created this blog to remind others that medication can help when suffering with depression, but counseling is also extremely important.