Tips For Raising A Child With Down Syndrome


Having a child with Down syndrome comes with a unique set of challenges. However, the fact that your child has Down syndrome does not mean they should not have as normal a life as possible. Here are some suggestions to help you.


Perhaps the first emotion you will experience as a parent is grief. It is okay to grieve for the dream of the child that you wanted to have but didn't. However, it is also time to accept your child and develop new dreams that are based on who they are and their strengths and limitations.


Get as much information as possible about Down syndrome. The more informed you are, the more you will be able to assist your child.  Being informed will also cause you to panic less and to put your expectations for your child into perspective.

Get Help

There will be emotional issues and it is important to get help for these as soon as they crop up. Make sure that you have a regular therapist that you visit with your child. Seek out caring child care providers who are trained to deal with children who have special needs. Your child will also need to have an educational program that will cater to their strengths and limitations. Start looking around for the best educational programs before your baby becomes a toddler. When you are prepared, everything will become less stressful.

Create A Challenging Environment

Just because your child has Down syndrome doesn't mean you can't create an environment that encourages movement and exploration. Let your child play with toys of different sizes, shapes and textures. Play outdoor games with them and use their name when praising their accomplishments. You may have to do an activity several times before your child understands it but that is fine, just be patient.


Encourage your child to interact with many different types of adults and children. Do not limit their interaction to only family, friends and other children with Down syndrome. However, you should monitor these interactions carefully, since there are people who will say insensitive and unkind things to your child. Some of the comments may be intentional and some unintentional but dealing with people who say insensitive things is not limited to children with Down syndrome. Children without special needs will experience this as well. So do not use this as a reason to over shelter your child.

Finally, love your child for who they are and you will raise a happy, confident and well-adjusted child. For more help, get in touch with a service like ABC Pediatric Therapy.


27 December 2017

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