Four Helpful Tips for Handling Anxiety


Anxiety is one of those annoyances of day-to-day life that can completely alter how you are living. To help combat it, it's important to face it head-on. While receiving therapist services is extremely helpful in coping with your anxiety, which is often coupled with fears and stress, it's also important to make some changes right at home that can help. Here are four helpful tips for handling anxiety.

  1. Use Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender essential oil is a great way to help relax your mind, especially right before going to sleep at night. You can rub it right on your neck and even your feet to help soothe and relax your body. This prevents the worrying and overthinking that keep many people with anxiety up at night. You can also use lavender soaps, air fresheners, and even put the the oil drops inside of an oil diffuser to use throughout the day.
  2. Self-Guided Meditation: Self-guided mediation is also helpful in reducing anxiety and is helpful to use even in a public setting when you start to feel overwhelmed. You can even use techniques learned by your therapist. Your therapist can help you learn different self-guided practices that can help you specifically and with using them in specific situations where you feel anxiety attacks coming on. 
  3. Listen to Relaxing Music: Listening to music that is more energetic can usually cause an overwhelming feeling for people suffering with anxiety. For this reason, it's better to listen to relaxing music that is guided to make the body feel more calm. You can even put together a playlist that is used specifically when you are feeling anxious about anything. 
  4. Biofeedback Therapy: Biofeedback therapy is a great type of therapy to consider for yourself because it helps you better regulate your body. This includes controlling hand temperature, muscle tension, and more. This is specifically used to guide you through the use of proper breathing and relaxation techniques while your therapist monitors you to ensure that you are showing positive signs of control. Just be sure that you take these practices home with you along with the tips to help with gaining more positive control over your body. 

With these four helpful tips, you can gain more control over your life as someone suffering with anxiety. While it's not easy to make your anxiety the focus of your life, it becomes easier if you are making it the focus in order to control it in a positive way that allows you to lead out a more normal life. 


3 November 2017

Counseling is Important Even if You Are Taking Depression Medication

I suffered depression for much of my life, and I lived with it for years before seeking help. I visited a psychiatrist and received an antidepressant prescription along with a referral to a counselor. I filled my prescription, but I put off making an appointment with the counselor. The medication began to help, so I decided that I didn't need to see a counselor after all -- or so I thought at the time. After a couple of months of medication, a close friend of mine died of an illness. I then learned that even though the medication helped my depression, I still had not learned the coping skills I needed to deal with traumatic life experiences. That even motivated me to seek counseling, and it helped me immensely. I created this blog to remind others that medication can help when suffering with depression, but counseling is also extremely important.