What To Expect From ADHD Coaching


ADHD can have an adverse effect on the daily lives of adults. Although ADHD does have biological underpinnings, there are behavioral modifications that can be implemented to help manage the negative effects of ADHD.

Adults seeking help coping with their ADHD symptoms often utilize specialized coaching services. Here are three things that you can expect when working with an ADHD treatment coach to manage your symptoms in the future.

1. ADHD coaching offers awareness.

In order to begin addressing some of the adverse effects your ADHD is having on your day-to-day activities, you need to be realistic about identifying these effects. It can be challenging for someone suffering from ADHD to clearly see how the condition affects their lives.

An experienced coach will guide you through a series of questions that are designed to help bring awareness to the unique effects ADHD has on your life. This awareness is essential when it comes to creating an action plan that will help you overcome the negative effects of your ADHD in the future.

2. ADHD coaching offers structure.

Once you have uncovered the ways in which your ADHD is affecting your life, you can begin to create attainable personal and professional goals. In order to reach these goals, you will need a structured plan that allows you to face your ADHD symptoms head-on.

Taking a pragmatic approach to your symptoms will allow you to prevent your ADHD from derailing you when it comes to pursuing milestones and achievements throughout your lifetime. Your ADHD coach will work collaboratively with you to create an action plan that is structured and effective in helping you reach your goals.

3. ADHD coaching offers accountability.

Overcoming the negative effects of your ADHD will take time, patience, and practice. One of the benefits that you will enjoy when investing in ADHD coaching is the accountability that these professionals can provide.

You will check in with your ADHD coach regularly to report your progress. This accountability helps to ensure that you stay on track when it comes to reaching your goals, and it allows you the time to make adjustments to your action plan in order to maximize results.

Working with an ADHD coach can be a great way for you to manage your ADHD symptoms. If your ADHD is getting in the way of your daily life, then the awareness, structure, and accountability offered by an ADHD coach can be effective tools you can use to prevent your ADHD from holding you back.


29 September 2017

Counseling is Important Even if You Are Taking Depression Medication

I suffered depression for much of my life, and I lived with it for years before seeking help. I visited a psychiatrist and received an antidepressant prescription along with a referral to a counselor. I filled my prescription, but I put off making an appointment with the counselor. The medication began to help, so I decided that I didn't need to see a counselor after all -- or so I thought at the time. After a couple of months of medication, a close friend of mine died of an illness. I then learned that even though the medication helped my depression, I still had not learned the coping skills I needed to deal with traumatic life experiences. That even motivated me to seek counseling, and it helped me immensely. I created this blog to remind others that medication can help when suffering with depression, but counseling is also extremely important.